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Monica Irvine
President, The Etiquette Factory

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why is Teaching Manners Important?

Hello Educators! Welcome to The Etiquette Factory Educator’s blog, a blog written for the purpose of helping you teach children great manners to ensure their future success. Why Etiquette? I bet if we asked our children if they can remember a time when they felt embarrassed, they could probably remember more than once. Next, if we asked them how did the people around them respond, we would get answers like; laughed at, pointed at, ridiculed but hopefully some support as well. Making people feel comfortable is a big reason we use good manners. Another great reason for learning good manners is that it shows you are concerned about other people and you care about their feelings. Remember when you tripped and fell while walking down the hall at school (some of us do)? If those around us had been taught in the “art of etiquette”, they would have known that the appropriate response was to bend down and offer help. Next, they might have said something like, “I’m sorry you fell, you should have seen the skid marks I left the last time I fell”. They would have know that proper etiquette means helping others feel comfortable and by doing, feelings of empathy, personal characteristics such as integrity and sincerity begin to grow and expand into feelings of self worth and self confidence. I promise you, that as we train our children in the art of etiquette, we will see qualities like; integrity, empathy, compassion, sincerity and self worth accumulate into their character, which will help them on the road to a successful life both personally and professionally. Join me as we discuss lessons on etiquette and great ideas to reinforce these lessons during our camps and classes in a fun, positive way. Games, role playing and kind discussion are at the heart of teaching.


Monica Irvine
CEO/The Etiquette Factory

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