Welcome Educators!

Welcome Educators! This blog is for you, the Educators. Please ask questions, share ideas and post testimonials about your program, what you're doing in your town and what is working for you. The more we share, the more successful we all will be. Happy Educating!

Monica Irvine
President, The Etiquette Factory

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Attracting Schools

Hello Educators!

I sure hope all is well with you. I haven't been using this blog lately, but I want for all of us to take advantage of being able to discuss ideas, concerns, accomplishments, etc. with one another so that we might all benefit from the knowledge and experience that this group of women hold. Please share your thoughts.

This weeks topic: Scheduling After School Programs

There are several avenues that you can approach a school. I usually start with the principal if it's a private school, the PTO if it's a public school and then I go from there. With private schools, it's usually much easier to set up an after school manners program. I try to meet the needs of the school. I go in to meet with the principal very prepared to "wow" him/her with my knowledge of etiquette, my enthusiasm about the importance of manners to help children succeed at home and at school, and an outline that proves the simplicity of the program. It is important that the principal doesn't view hosting a manner's program as more work on his/her part. Basically, all I need is their permission to advertise to the student body and a room to teach in. The rest is up to me.

After permission is granted, I simply prepare flyers to be sent home in children's backpacks advertising the program. We have copies of these flyers on the website. I keep the space limited. I am having success in separating the sexes in these after school programs. For instance, I offer an "All Boys Manners 101" for second graders in the Fall and a "Just Ladies Etiquette 101" for second graders in the Spring. Remember, the more exclusive the camp is, the more demand there will be. Yes, it will take a season to build the reputation of the program, but after one season, the camp should be on everyone's waiting list.

With public schools, I approach the PTOs. I ask to come to a PTO meeting and be given 20 minutes to speak. During that presentation, I simply teach manner's skills. What happens is pretty cool. As parents sit there and learn things that they indeed didn't know, they soon realize that having some help in this department would be very beneficial. My goal at these meetings is to help parents see that teaching manners is just like teaching any school subject. It needs to be taught by someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject and it needs to be taught in organized, fun lessons in order to be most effective. They are so glad to hand over to an etiquette expert.

As far as what to charge, that is up to you. I usually look at the hours and charge approximately $8.50 per hour/per child, then I add the retail cost of the t-shirt, cd and placemat which is approximately $31.00. That's how I figure what I charge. I run 8 hour programs up to 15 hour programs. I either meet with the children once or twice per week. The Etiquette Factory program is designed just for these types of schedules. As you know, the program is very easily adjustable.

Have a great week and continue loving to inspire children,
Monica Irvine
President/The Etiquette Factory